State Category ID Texas State Codes Description
A1 Real, Residential, Single-Family
A2 Real, Residential, Mobile Homes
B1 Real, Residential, Multi-Family
B2 Real, Residential, Two-Family
B3 Real, Residential, Three-Family
B4 Real, Residential, Four- or More-Family
C1 Real, Vacant Lots/Tracts
C2 Real, Vacant Commercial
C3 Real, Vacant
D1 Real, Qualified Agricultural Land
D2 Real, Unqualified Agricultural Land
E1 Real, Farm & Ranch Improved
F1 Real, Commercial
F2 Real, Industrial
G1 Oil and Mineral Gas Reserves
G2 Real Property Other Mineral Reserves
H1 Tangible, Vehicles
H2 Tangible, Goods In Transit
I1 Real, Banks
J1 Real & Tangible Personal, Utility Water
J2 Gas Companies
J3 Electric Companies
J4 Telephone Companies
J5 Railroads
J6 Pipelines
J7 Major Cable Television Systems
L1 Tangible, Commercial
L2 Tangible, Industrial
M1 Tangible, Nonbusiness Watercraft
M2 Tangible, Nonbusiness Aircraft
M3 Tangible, Mobile Homes
M4 Tangible, Miscellaneous
N1 Intangibles
O1 Inventory
O2 Inventory
PT Subdivision Header
S1 Dealer Inventory
T Temporary
U0 Unknown
XA Public Property for Housing Indigent Persons
XB Income Producing Personal Property (<$2500)
XC Mineral Interest (<$500)
XD Improving Property for Housing w/ Volunteer Labor
XE Community Housing Development Organizations
XF Assisting Ambulatory Health Care Centers
XG Primarily Performing Charitable Functions
XH Developing Model Colonia Subdivisions
XI Youth Spiritual, Mental and Physical Development
XJ Private Schools
XL Economic Development Services to Local Community
XM Marine Cargo Containers
XN Motor Vehicles Leased for Personal Use
XO Motor Vehicles (Income Production & Personal Use)
XP Offshore Drilling Equipment Not In Use
XQ Intracoastal Waterway Dredge Disposal Site
XR Nonprofit Water or Wastewater Corporations
XS Raw Cocoa and Green Coffee Held in Harris County
XT Limitation on Taxes in Certain Municipalities
XU Miscellaneous Exemptions
XV Other Exempt (Incl Public, Religious, Charitable)
X0 Primarily Charitable Organization
X1 Governmental Exempt
X2 Charitable Exempt
X3 Religious Exempt
X4 Cemetery Exempt
X5 Private School Exempt
X6 Youth Development Exempt
X7 Historical Exempt
X8 Miscellaneous Exempt
X9 Low-Moderate Income Housing